Preventions for a Diabetic Patient While eating Food

Introduction- A chronic long-lasting health condition that breaks down most of the food you eat into glucose and releases it into your bloodstream is known as Diabetes. It affects people of all age groups and has several types like Pre-diabetes, Type-1 diabetes, Type-2 diabetes, and Gestational diabetes but Type-2 diabetes is the most common one. It is observed that millions of adults across the world are suffering from diabetes and these numbers are going to increase day-by-day. But this chronic disease is manageable with proper medication and some healthy lifestyle changes.  

Here are some of the preventions that diabetic patients should consider in their diet: 

1. Sugar-added food products: Products that are made primarily of processed sugar like candy, desserts, and many others are considered as low-quality carbohydrates which have zero nutritional value and can raise the blood- sugar level which will lead to weight problems. Instead of that, you should reach for fruits like apples, berries, oranges, or pears which are rich in nutrition and contain plenty of fiber which will help you to control the blood- sugar level. 

2. Exclude fats and oils: Although both of them are tough to resist but consuming it can lead to getting unhealthy weight, which is difficult to manage. You should choose good fat (Unsaturated fats) instead of bad fat (Trans fats). You can have saturated fat but it depends on the proportion you are taking it. 

3. Avoid processed and fatty meats: Red meats such as beef, pork, and lamb increase blood –sugar level. Diabetic patients should limit the intake of processed meats, fried bread, deep-fried fish, poultry with skin on, and high-sodium meats. Rather than that, you can choose plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, nuts, and soya products which are high in nutritional value. 

4. Avoid drinks and alcohol: Diabetic people should intake zero calories drinks, unsweetened teas or coffee, and a lot of water of course. Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates which is not good for your diabetes. You should avoid alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, liqueur, base liquors and others. 

5. Adopt Low-Fat Over High-Fat Dairy: Full-fat dairy products primarily contain saturated fat which will raise your cholesterol level and increase the risk of heart disease. High-fat dairy products contain high calories which ultimately contribute to increasing your weight. These fats may cause health problems other than diabetes. So, it’s best to avoid full-fat dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream, cheese, full-cream milk, likewise. Rather than that, search for fat-free dairy products like almond milk, soya milk, and others. 

Having a chronic disease like diabetes does not mean you need to completely avoid certain food items. You can choose food products that support healthy blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of other chronic life- long health diseases. Try to keep a count on your calories, do not take stress, get a good sleep and above of all stay positive. If you are doing your part, diabetes is easily manageable. Other than that you can reach out to medical professionals for health care policies, insurance, and medication as well. Do let me know what precautions you take for this chronic health condition. 

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