Best Natural Remedies You Can Use for Diabetes 

People of all age groups have now become prone to diabetes due to high levels of stress, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of physical exercise. Diabetes is a dangerous disease that leads to adverse effects on the overall metabolism of the person and also reduces the lifespan. Having high glucose levels in the body for a long period affects various organs. Long-term effects of blood sugar also include blood vessel damage, problems in the kidney, liver, eyes, gums, etc., as well as numerous heart diseases. Though the root cause of diabetes can be genetic, it can also occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, diabetes is a chronic disease and once patients get diagnosed with it, they must take medicine for the rest of their lives. However, it is possible to control blood sugar and lead a normal life with a few lifestyle changes. 

In this article, let us elaborate on the best natural remedies you can use for controlling diabetes.  

Top Home Remedies to Utilize for Diabetes  

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the blood glucose levels become high. The patient needs to live a strict lifestyle and has to take anti-diabetic medicines regularly. However, by utilizing the following remedies, it is possible to keep blood sugar levels in check and maintain a healthy state of the body. One should only use these remedies as supplementary to the main medication. It is advisable to not stop taking the prescribed medication until the doctor says so.   

Bitter Gourd:  

It is a common natural remedy that doctors recommend to diabetic patients. Bitter gourd is rich in compounds such as insulin polypeptide-P that effectively work to control hyperglycemia. Other than that, bitter gourd also contains nutrients such as momordicin and charatin. Both of these compounds prove to be quite key elements for blood sugar control. Ideally, you must consume bitter gourd once a week and if your blood sugar level is excessively high, you can start drinking bitter gourd juice daily as well. 


It is a common herb prevalent in a multitude of cuisines and contains numerous health properties. Essentially, it is effective in boosting glucose tolerance, improving insulin secretion, and treating hyperglycemia. You can choose to consume fenugreek powder with hot water or milk. You can also prefer to add fenugreek seeds to your cold water and drink the same every morning. Studies have shown that fenugreek can also prove to be a good remedy to reduce inflammation, hypertension, heart diseases, etc. Doctors also recommend fenugreek for improving milk production and testosterone levels. 

Aloe Vera: 

It is a medicinal plant that contains tremendous anti-bacterial and antioxidant characteristics. Apart from regulating blood sugar levels, the plant is also helpful in treating constipation, wrinkles, gum infections, lung congestion, etc. It is also used in several beauty products due to its skin improvement properties. The anti-inflammatory properties also enable it to treat hyperglycemia. Regular consumption of Aloe Vera is vital for overall improvement in metabolism as well.  

Vitamin C: 

It is a crucial nutrient for our body and helps in combating several diseases. Researchers also suggest that appropriate intake of Vitamin C helps in controlling blood glucose levels. Essentially, people who have been diagnosed with high blood sugar should consume Vitamin C daily. For increasing the level of Vitamin C in the body, increase the consumption of fruits such as gooseberry, tomato, blueberry, orange, etc. However, it is advisable to not over-consume fruits rich in sugar.  


Blood sugar has become increasingly common in the modern world. It is a chronic condition in which your body does not secrete enough insulin resulting in high levels of glucose in the body. It not only affects the overall well-being but also adversely affects various organs of the body. With a few lifestyle changes and natural remedies mentioned in the blog, it is possible to keep blood glucose levels under control and lead a normal lifestyle. 

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