Tips to keep your teeth white

Some people are endowed at birth with solid teeth that maintain their original whiteness throughout life. However, you might wonder how to keep your teeth white and your smile bright if they are stained due to old age, poor dental hygiene practices, nutrition, or other issues. Maintaining white teeth is necessary if you’ve had some cosmetic dentistry operations, including veneers, even if your teeth aren’t stained. Maintaining clean, white teeth has been shown to improve self-confidence, positively affecting your personal and professional life. Three simple suggestions for a whiter smile are provided in this blog to assist you in achieving your objectives and maintaining them. 

  1. Consume fruit and vegetables 

Last but not least, chewing on foods high in water, such as celery or apples, can cause salivation, which helps wipe away bacteria from your mouth. This helps to avoid stains and maintains the health of your teeth. You don’t have to be embarrassed by your stained, yellow teeth! If you believe you are keeping your teeth as best you can, but they still do not appear as white as you would like, speak with your dentist and ask about whitening procedures. 

  1. Utilize a home bleacher 

There are numerous DIY methods and over-the-counter items available for tooth whitening. Periodically brushing your teeth with baking soda is a tried-and-true approach for cleaning them. Before buying anything, talk to your dentist about whether you want to use a whitening product. While the majority of products you may buy at the store are safe to use, some can damage your enamel and gums. If you have any questions, talk to your dentist. 

  1. Avoid beverages that can discolor teeth 

Your teeth might become stained by drinking red wine, coffee, or tea. Despite being some of the most popular drinks available, they offer nothing to help you get whiter teeth. It’s best to stay away from these beverages altogether to avoid stains, but if you do, clean your teeth immediately to help prevent stains from settling. 

  1. Don’t smoke 

The potential for tooth discoloration is yet another reason to stay away from tobacco and cigarettes. Smoking will cause teeth to be yellow and stain, making your breath smell worse. If you smoke the occasional cigarette, brush your teeth right away afterward, just like when you drink liquids that stain teeth. 

  1. Avoid sugar 

While sugary meals may taste good at the time, they might eventually harm your teeth and oral hygiene. This is because the bacteria in your mouth can mix with sugar in meals to make acid. Your teeth become discolored and lose enamel due to the acid created. Therefore, refrain from consuming many sugar-containing foods, such as junk food. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and other crunchy foods are the finest to eat to have whiter teeth. Additionally, make sure to brush your teeth at least twice daily. 

We hope this information was helpful. Do let us know what you do to keep your teeth white. 

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