Top Home-based Remedies for Repairing Leaky Gut

The gastrointestinal tract is an extremely intricate part of your body, and it is linked to every other system in your body. Over time, problems in your gastrointestinal tract can start to emerge due to lifestyle factors, genetic causes, and environmental reasons. Once your gastrointestinal tract becomes unhealthy, you will start to experience painful symptoms such as abdominal bloating, chronic fatigue, and throbbing headaches. The symptoms of a leaky gut can vary depending on the underlying cause of the disease. Thus, it is important to understand the root cause of the problem and the home remedies you can make use of to cure this illness. For leaky gut treatment, you can adopt methods such as stress management, detoxification, supplementation, and dietary changes at your home.  

Top Home-based Remedies to Quickly Heal Your Leaky Gut 

The onset of a leaky gut happens when the lining present in your small intestines gets affected. Consequently, bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and undigested food components leak through your intestinal lining and cause a wide range of health problems. Adopting the following home-based remedies helps you prevent leaky gut as well as repair the underlying causes of the illness.   

Make Positive Dietary Modifications: 

Filling your body with essential nutrients is one of the best ways to combat any illness. Primarily, once you get diagnosed with a leaky gut, you must maximize the intake of fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, etc. Green vegetables, and vitamin-rich foods increase the amount of nutrients in our body, which is crucial in removing digestive problems and overall detoxification. Fruits yield a high amount of healthy bacteria in your body, which improves the workings of your digestive tract. Studies have proven that vegetables such as Swiss chard, avocados, leeks, spinach, etc. are quite effective remedies against leaky gut.  

Ascertain Adequate Amount of Exercise: 

Exercise is an important aspect of overall fitness and optimal digestive functioning. Even if you lack motivation for rigorous exercise, you must ensure daily walking for up to 15-20 minutes to improve your digestion. Regular exercise upgrades gut motility and minimizes inflammation risks. To get your overall health in an ideal state, ascertain half an hour of exercise daily.  

Ensure Good Water Consumption: 

Adequate water intake is an intrinsic aspect of a healthy gut. Proper water consumption regulates the amount of fluids in your body and promotes body detoxification. As per the studies, it is important to ascertain 15 cups of water intake daily. Other factors also influence the amount of fluid your body needs. For example, if you live in a hot environment, naturally, your body would need a high amount of water.  

Avoid High Medication Usage:  

Medications are quite essential when you need them. However, each medicine and specifically antibiotics have its side effects that affect our overall health. Essentially, you must avoid taking drugs such as NSAIDS, steroids, antibiotics, etc. NSAIDS can prove to be detrimental to your leaky gut healing process as it tends to cause bleeding in your digestive tract. Antibiotics, on the other hand, eliminate both good and bad bacteria that result in reduced immunity and digestive health.  

Probiotic Supplement:  

Probiotics are naturally present in our digestive tract which enhances the digestive process. Probiotic supplements as well as fermented foods like yogurt increases the number of probiotics that yields much-improved digestion, immunity, and nutrient absorption. While choosing the probiotic supplement, select the one that contains different strains of probiotics to aid your gut lining repair.  


Optimal digestive health is vital for good metabolism and overall well-being. However, bad lifestyles, environmental causes, and genetic factors lead to problems such as leaky gut. It is a major condition that causes several other underlying symptoms such as headaches, abdominal pain, and fatigue. The blog explains major remedies you can utilize for repairing the digestive tract and improving overall digestive health. 

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