Treatment options for lupus condition that are safe and effective include: 

As a result of the body’s immune system attacking healthy tissues rather than actual external invaders, lupus is an autoimmune condition. As a result, the joints, lungs, kidneys, endocrine glands, and brain experience ongoing inflammation. It frequently remains misdiagnosed since its symptoms are remarkably similar to other illnesses such as fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, and Lyme disease. Women are more likely than men to develop lupus. One lakh people in India has lupus, which affects 8–9 of them. And it gets worse when it affects men, older people, and children. While some people with lupus may have regular lives, others may potentially pass away from the illness.   

Although experts are not entirely sure of the exact causes of this illness, they think that a combination of genetic and environmental factors may be to blame. Lupus is believed to be brought on by chronic infections, stress, and adverse drug reactions. Flare-ups of lupus can happen at any time. Therefore, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are crucial for those with lupus who want to live a healthy life. While medication can help you manage your lupus better, we advise using home remedies in this case. 

  1. Turmeric 

To have a healing effect on the disease, turmeric is employed extensively in many treatment plans. Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric, helps treat autoimmune diseases. To lessen cell damage and inflammation in cases of lupus illness, a patient must be given turmeric mixed with warm water to drink. It can also be offered a cup of milk and some turmeric to improve its flavor.  

As it can lessen all significant symptoms and offer health advantages, curcumin can benefit persons with lupus. Experts advise against using the turmeric cure if you have gallbladder issues; therefore, check first. 

  1. Make use of apple cider vinegar 

A potent treatment for illnesses linked to hydrochloric acid and methods of incorporating vinegar into the body is apple cider vinegar. With the help of apple cider vinegar, the body can produce more hydrochloric acid, improving nutrient absorption by cleansing the body. This cure can be taken orally and used topically by combining it lightly with water or essential oils.  The most straightforward approach to utilize it for lupus illness is to mix warm water with a few lemon drops and raw apple cider vinegar. Drink this three times each day, 30 minutes before each meal.  

  1. Dietary flax seeds 

Flax seeds are another essential component that can aid in treating lupus. Omega-3 fatty acids, abundant in flaxseeds, can help lupus patients’ inflammation. Flaxseeds are a food that people with lupus should think about including in their diets to help with kidney difficulties and other lupus-related issues. It can stop symptoms from intensifying or spreading throughout the patient’s body. In some circumstances, flaxseeds can help avert renal failure or kidney failure altogether. 

We hope this information was helpful; please let us know if you utilize another treatment for your lupus illness. 

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