Tips to get rid of Dandruff

The most embarrassing thing that could happen when you’re dressed up for an interview or a formal dinner is an overwhelming need to scratch your head while knowing that a shower of white flakes would follow onto a jet-black blazer- laid bare for everyone to see. Beyond gender, age, and race, dandruff is a medical condition that has managed to unify more than half of the adult population worldwide.

How does dandruff occur?

A fungus called Malassezia feeds on sebum and the naturally occurring dead skin cells that result from the formation of new skin, which causes the scalp condition known as dandruff. Despite being a typical component of the scalp, this microbe becomes problematic when a fungus feeds on sebum and breaks it down into fatty acids, which may irritate many people’s sensitive scalps.

Additionally, this is the cause of the dryness and itching on the scalp, which makes the dead skin cells build up into noticeable flakes. A person who develops severe or mild dandruff depends on their sensitivity to these fatty acids. We can assist if you’re looking for dandruff home remedies.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda scrubs the scalp gently, without causing it any irritation, and removes dead skin cells. Exfoliation is necessary to prevent the buildup of flakes on the scalp that would otherwise make dandruff even more noticeable. In addition to its exfoliating and anti-fungal qualities, baking soda also soothes the scalp and lessens inflammation and itching. Mix some baking soda into your shampoo when washing your hair to reap its benefits.

  • Tea tree oil

Due to its exceptional ability to combat bacterial and fungal infections, tea tree oil is a crucial component of all anti-acne and anti-fungal medications. While relaxing in the comfort of your own home, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and wash as usual.

  • Vinegar

In addition to treating dry, itchy skin, vinegar also aids in destroying bacteria and fungi responsible for dandruff. Vinegar’s acidic composition is beneficial in significantly reducing flaking. Apply white vinegar and water equal to the scalp’s skin about 30 minutes before washing your hair.

  • Neem

Because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, neem extract is used in almost all skin medications, as we know. Because fungal colonization of the scalp is primarily responsible for dandruff, it makes sense to use this traditional treatment for skin conditions. The best option is always natural, but for the scalp, use a diluted version of neem as full versions may only aggravate the skin further.

  • Garlic

Occasionally eating a garlic clove may be frowned upon by some people due to its strong smell, but there is no denying its medicinal benefits. The benefits of raw or crushed garlic have mesmerized man for centuries. Garlic is a powerful natural anti-fungal remedy. To get results quickly, crush one or two garlic cloves and combine with water before applying to your scalp. The odor? There’s always the option of adding some honey and ginger.

What are you still holding out for? Use these remedies to eliminate dandruff permanently.

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