Discover health benefits of Vitamin C

One of the most essential antioxidant required by our body is Vitamin C. It helps cells to replenish and repair again further help fighting inflammation caused by oxidative damage. Apart from this, there are several benefits of Vitamin C associated to our health. You need to take it enough through the food items that you consume.

Primary benefits of Vitamin C are listed below:


Insulin production in diabetic people is not that much as it is in non-diabetics. Insulin is responsible for pushing Vitamin C in to the cells which is highly vital for proper working of the body. Low insulin levels combined with low levels of Vitamin C circulating in the cells makes diabetic patients more susceptible towards free-radical damage. This vitamin is also helpful in reducing the glycosylated hemoglobin levels i.e., sugar adhering to red blood cells. High sugar levels in red blood cells causes high blood pressure, slow wound healing, neuropathy and many other such issues. 

Eye Health

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is great for the prevention of cataracts. This problem in eyes basically happens due to the exposure to sunlight creating a layer of clouds which impacts the vision of the person. Not only the excessive exposure to sun but low levels of Vitamin C in human body is also a leading cause of cataracts. A healthy human eye must contain enough amount of concentrated Vitamin C in order to prevent this condition from occurring.

Cardiovascular health

Plaque gets accumulated in the walls of the arteries due to free radical damage. This is caused due to the combination of high cholesterol levels and fatty acids known as arteriosclerosis. Vitamin C is helpful in restricting the formation of plaque and reduces it if it has already started happening. 


Asthma is an ailment that happens because of the excessive inflammation in the lungs and other airway passages. Studies have proved that the best way to reduce this inflammation is to increase the intake of Vitamin C in body. Sufficient amount of this antioxidant also helps in treating asthma. It is recommended for asthmatics to consume 1000 to 2000 mg of Vitamin C per day.

Faster healing

Vitamin C reduces inflammation and any sort of stress or damage caused due to high oxidative level in body. Proper intake of food items rich in this vitamin promotes faster healing after any surgery or disease.

Weight Loss

Vitamin C is also needed to lower the levels of adiponectin, a fat suppressing hormone in human body. This hormone results in drastic decrease in overall body mass index. On the other hand, lack of Vitamin C leads to obesity.  

Cancer prevention and treatment

Vitamin C helps in removing free radicals from the body before they cause damage. It is highly essential for prevention as well as treatment of all types of cancer. 

To maintain your overall health, make sure you intake adequate amount of Vitamin C!

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