Benefits of vitamin D to support weight loss and complete well being

When it comes to losing weight, you always look for help that gives you productive results. While controlling your diet and doing exercise you should also include some supplements or herbal remedies that support your weight loss regime. Vitamin D is one such fat-soluble vitamin that helps in keeping your body healthy and supports weight loss. It is an essential vitamin D that supports your body to retain minerals like calcium and nutrients. Also, it is helping in preventing the over absorption of signaling chemicals like parathyroid. It has been shown in research that Vitamin D is beneficial for protecting the system by preventing it from infections ad viruses such as influenza. 

Vitamin D support in weight loss

Most people are suffering from a high risk of vitamin d deficiency that includes old individuals, dark-skinned people, breastfed babies, and people who are living in latitudes with low sunlight. People suffering from vitamin D deficiency are more prone to the risk of obesity. Consuming vitamin D up to 4,000 IU is highly beneficial in supporting weight loss.

Vitamin D provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits 

Vitamin D is one of the necessary micronutrients required for survival and affects the genes within nearly every organ of the body. It is responsible for the synthesis of the number of peptides that help in reducing stress and fight against infection. The nutrients are beneficial in molecular signaling to restrict the inflammatory substances from causing stress and inflammation. Vitamin D also activates a hormone called calcitriol that helps in repairing cells, fighting oxidation, and increasing longevity. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods are good sources of vitamin D such as spinach, walnut, olive oil, etc.

Improve lean muscle mass and strengthen the bone mineral density 

In the study of 2017, it was found that combining vitamin D with aerobic exercise and resistance training proves beneficial in losing more calories instead of doing exercise alone. It will make you feel energetic during the workout and increase the nutrient level required for lean muscle mass. Along with exercise benefits, vitamin D also helps in repairing muscle and strengthens your muscle fiber that supports in recovering the cellular damage. If you have a heart problem like triglycerides then vitamin d helps to reduce such risk. Apart from this, vitamin D plays a vital role in regulating and boosting the absorption of phosphorous and calcium and increases bone density over time.

Help for people considering gastric bypass surgery

In gastric bypass surgery, patients get extreme weight loss. In the procedure, a large portion of the stomach and intestines has removed. After the altering of these organs, it restricts the amount of vitamin d absorbed from the food. The deficiency of vitamin D lessens the long-term benefits of the surgery. Consuming vitamin D supplements is recommended to the patient to lower the risk of this deficiency.

Apart from taking supplements, you can add vitamin d enriched food items includes egg yolks, cheese, fatty fish salmon, tuna, mushrooms, beef liver, etc. Before start using vitamin D supplements, you should consult the doctor.

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